A Year of Firsts – Our First Valentine’s

Our first wedding anniversary is only a week away – flashes of memory of the year gone by leaves us with varied expressions on our faces and sweet memories ensure a grin from ear to ear, several times a day! One such memory is of our first valentine’s day. Read on…

“You have been married for 7 months (an arranged marriage!) and it’s your first Valentine’s Day – what to do, where to go and what about the gift – talk about the pressure right? You want to make sure that all your firsts (first anniversary, first birthdays, first valentine’s, first Diwali, Christmas or Id) are spent in such a way that they remain etched in your memories forever…..however cliché it sounds.

Like any normal couple, all excited, my husband and I start looking out for destinations to spend our first valentine’s together. Days pass and the excitement plummets as endless planning and discussions get overshadowed by daily chores and office pressure. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the destinations we were really interested in are almost full and the prices have shoot up like crazy, after all resorts do rake in with all the last minute bookings. And so the obvious question – what do we do now? Should we forget the idea of going out and about and spend our first Valentine’s in the city or maybe even at our home! After all, there are all these articles everywhere suggesting various ways and means of spending Valentine’s Day right at home – cook your dinner together, take a spa day or have a spa day right at home et cetera.

One afternoon, while I was busy feeling bad that we might have not so special first valentine’s that’s when this sweet little thing called as world wide web came into picture and helped me out like an angel! I stumbled upon a website that provided us with a lake side camping with wine and chocolates…and boy I jumped with joy! After all the necessary transactions, I was relieved that now nothing can stop us from spending a very romantic valentine’s day. But, there is always a but… there was something that was going to stop us or so it felt like at that time, we might not be able to have a memorable valentine’s day.

After much delay, we finally started our journey. We decided to leave behind all the drama that was associated with the planning. Taking a sigh of relief, we head towards our destination with radio setting the mood for us – playing all romantic songs courtesy valentine’s day.

Both excited and nervous in anticipation whether or not our destination would match the pictures sent to us by the organizers, it was all put to rest as we reached our destination. First thought that came into our minds was “it was worth it”! A beautiful, pristine lake was right in front of us and 3 cute little camps set up for us in one corner.



There was a nice set up for us near the lake – we had our barbeques, enjoyed dinner and our lovey dovey conversations under the starlit sky. You don’t get to see so many stars when in the city – we were overwhelmed and hoped that we had one of those DSLR cameras to capture countless stars in the sky that shined like diamonds! We decided to retire a little early for the day in the hope of not losing out on the beautiful morning the next day.

Woke up quite early (around 6 o’ clock) and was ready with our cameras and phones…. Hoping to capture the sunrise! We took as many pictures as we could while being in awe as the sky turned from blue to orange and the reflections on the clouds changed from yellow to orange and looked nothing short of a beautiful painting!

DSC00584  DSC00593


After being satisfied with our photographic efforts, we decided to climb down and pay the charming pristine lake a visit. Everywhere we looked, the views were fascinating and the surroundings so calm, it felt as if we have been transported to a parallel world! We were spellbound and bewitched!”

DSC00685                 DSC00679DSC00722DSC00681

It was finally time to head back home – refreshed and rejuvenated and all over in love again! Despite all the drama, we managed to have a fabulous first valentine’s day – one that we would never forget!

So, what’s your Valentine story? Do share 🙂

[PS:- All the pictures were taken by us at our lakeside camping, except the featured image]


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