Love Yourself

That One Love Affair We All Must Have!


In the grand scheme of things, when we think about life, our thoughts invariably are drawn to family, friends, work, colleagues, neighbours et cetera. While it is good to think about people and things that matter the most to us, we very conveniently, forget that one person – the MOST important person. Who are we talking about? Domestic help, you may say… after all, today’s lifestyle is such that we can’t do without a good household help. But no…. the person I am talking about here is the one who is reading the article right now (writing the article in my case!)

Ever wonder, why is it that we are at the end of our lists always? Are we conditioned that way? Why can’t we be at the top of the list and not feel guilty about it? Or be free from the fear of being perceived as a selfish person? And before you go on blaming the world – stop right there! You are equally responsible for this and that makes you a partner in crime. How? While your loved ones are excited about a project or helpless about a situation, you don the role of a “superperson” at the drop of a hat and leave no stone unturned for them. But let us not forget that we are mere mortal human beings and we all deserve some time off, some pampering and TLC ourselves. As they say in the flight cabin before the flight takes off, “please make sure you have the oxygen mask before you go on helping others.”

I realize this when I was reading Vinita Dawra Nangia’s article “Give yourself a break”, also the prompt for this article. We don’t think twice before helping others out but when it comes to us, there is a long list of ifs and buts waiting for us and taking an off becomes a project in itself considering the amount of planning and thinking goes into it, not to mention the endless discussions regarding how and when!

If this situation sounds too familiar, then you need is to fall in love… have an affair and a passionate one! What? Am I crazy? Nope… I am talking about falling in love with yourself again. Look out for yourself, be your own best friend, love yourself for who you are and the way you are. Because only when you love yourself unconditionally and are happy inside, it makes all the difference in the world outside.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beneath Your Feet.”

The first thing I do in the morning is step into my cute little balcony garden – say hello to my plants and sit there for a few minutes (time permitting). It’s amazing what nature can do to you even if you spend just a couple of minutes.

This picture was taken a couple of days earlier, not knowing a post will be on its way 🙂


Five Feet Below

Weekly Challenges

Literary Lion : Time

Weekly Challenges

I woke up to the sound of people talking and could feel a lot of movement outside my room.

“Where Am I?”

“Why do I feel so drowsy?”

I look around trying to recollect and in the hope that something will help me remember what’s going on. With my eyes still half-closed, I try to get hold of the alarm clock in the dark. It was just 3 AM. “What on earth these people are up to at this time of the night?” I thought to myself.

And then just as I was trying to get up from the bed, there was a sudden jolt and I almost fell off the bed. That jolt and the sound of squeaking wheels made me realize I was aboard “Royal Express”. Royal Express was the train ride for the VIPs and who’s who from all around the world. The train was going to Delhi. There was an important meeting being held at Delhi, guests of which were the head of States and important businessmen of the country.

One such important guest was Mr. Malhotra who had received multiple death threats and my job was to make sure that he stayed alive. I am an undercover cop with the secret services and have been trailing him for two weeks now. No life threating calls have been received by him since then and there haven’t been any suspicious activity around him so far.

“Where is he now? And why I am in my compartment?” I was supposed to be around him at all times, no matter what and the agency have made sure that I get the compartment next to him. Anxious and panicked, I make myself presentable and step outside my compartment. I ask the crowd gathered outside and one of them said, “There’s been a murder on the train!”

I almost chocked and my heart beat so fast and loud I could almost hear it. I navigated my way through the crowd to go see if Mr. Malhotra was alright. Mr. Malhotra’s body was on the bed. He had been shot multiple times. There was a doctor on board who was helping out police with the time of the death. As I tried to enter the compartment, I was stopped by an officer, “Nobody other than cops are allowed in here, please wait outside.” I was about to tell him that I was a cop too but I wasn’t allowed to at the moment, I was an undercover.

Just then I could feel somebody pulling my hand as if trying to tell me something.

“Excuse me madam”…. “Excuse me madam”….

It was almost as if I was waking up from a dream. The sound was much clearer now and when I looked up, there she was – the Librarian.

She looked at me and smiled and said, “Dear, its time! Time to close the library”

(Based on Agatha Christie’s novel – Murder on the Orient Express and prompted by I Smith Words )

It's not over yet

It’s not over yet….


Hello Fellow Bloggers

The course has come to an end and it feels like just yesterday that I jumped with joy when I came across a post regarding Blogging101. Although, I was all set to make the most of it by following the instructions to the T..but haven’t been able to do so. Part credit goes to the fact that I think a lot – always wondering if I could think of something better! I am still thinking of Blog title and Tagline (I have many ideas though, but nothing that feels like this is the “ONE”!) Nonetheless, I have learnt a lot and made some friends thanks to Blogging101.

In the days to come, I intend to learn more and more and to reach out to as many people as I can. Focus will be on mastering the basics and get comfortable with all the tools and features. And yes I know the only way I can do that is by practice – so I am going to be more regular with reading, writing and experimenting with various features. I am already onto charting out a schedule for myself which will be a mix of personal posts, a weekly challenge or two and a weekly feature from my end. I want to be totally prepped for Blogging 201 whenever it comes.

Thank you @michelleweber , @alexjgustafson and @chrissiepollock for engineering such a wonderful course. It did get me from Blog? to Blog! I am now on a journey to become a better blogger and writer, and to make sure that I follow up on my dreams and to not let them get buried in the daily humdrum of life.

Cheers 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Finite Creatures.”

We all know we are finite creatures; mortal beings and yet we go on living our lives like we are going to live forever. All of us, rather most of us, or even few of us (not sure how many of us) go through our lives feeling bad about something, holding a grudge against somebody, garnering feelings of hatred, being disrespectful of other’s feelings, being abused by others, being insulted by others et cetera for what seems like forever. So, if we all know we are mortal beings then why we put up with certain things? Why do we behave in a certain way? Why can’t we let go? Do we need a reminder every day that we are mortal? No, I am saying you should just leave everything and go meditating rest of your life…nope! After all, we have this one life and the least or the best we can do is to LIVE THIS LIFE!

We mortal beings go through many things in life – we face ups and downs, we have achievements to be proud of, failures to learn from, best days to be grateful for and enjoy to the fullest and worst days to be balanced and take each day as it comes – each stage leaves us with many memories, long lasting relationships, lessons and these experiences help us be a better and a stronger person. Am I being an idealist here? No. Do we not act and react to situations based on how we feel? Most of us do. I do. Maybe that’s practical.

But maybe, there are times when if we are more aware and practice some self-control, we might actually be building a better place for all of us to live in. Instead of dealing with pent up feelings, grudges, hatred, revenge, handling egos every day like it’s the most normal thing and nothing bad can ever come out of it, we would rather concentrate on turning things around, for better. Sometimes all it needs is an action – a first step and things could change drastically. And for things that can’t be changed, consider letting it go. You don’t have to torture yourself and suffer. Let go of all the negativity and build on the good things in life. Life is beautiful – there are so many things to do, to see, to experience and to learn that there is no time to waste on such insignificant matters.

Like Blogging101, I would like to think of this life as Life101 – a class made by God to help us navigate through life by teaching us various things. Take each day as new assignment wherein we learn new things and sometimes just being a good neighbour/ good friend/ good colleague/ good life partner/ good parent et cetera. Our friends and family are The Commons for us where we can talk and share our happiness and sorrows, get advice and be a mentor. And just as we are not obligated to do all the exercises that we receive every day, we are always better off when do them. We learn a lot of things in the process, we make new friends and we strengthen the old ties and become a better person in the end!

Happy Blogging!

Let’s Get (corpo) Real!


Who I am and Why I’m Here…


Hello Peeps,

Reading has always been a passion to me, a habit inculcated in me by my parents at a very young age (Thank you 🙂 ). I have read a lot of novels, magazines and very little of non-fiction work. And then, there came a time when I used to imagine if I had written this story, what kind of twists and turns I would have given to the story! That was the beginning of a long love affair with the writing. An affair that I was passionate about but couldn’t express it, until now.

Fascinated by the world of Blogging, I decided to be a part of it. But my consciousness took over and anything that I write, was rejected by me in its draft itself as I used to think how my blog will be perceived, do i write well, is it worthy of showcasing to it a large audience? et cetera…. all these and many more questions in my mind never let me write, and if i did manage to write, I didn’t have the courage to post it!

I am a fun loving person who is on her way to discover her creative side – writing is one of them! Why do I want to blog? I guess all of us have something to share with this world – whether it is personal, work related, academic et cetera. We all go through various experiences in this wonderful journey called life – and it is in sharing these experiences that we enrich each other’s soul, learn new things and even forge long lasting meaningful friendships. I do not have any particular topic to write about – I would like to explore various aspects on life and human relationships. I would like to reach out to as many people as I can so that we all can learn things important to us and unlearn things that no longer serve us.

Cheers 🙂

July in Blogging U.: Blogging 101 and 201



The Daily Post

Note: Blogging 101 and Blogging 201 are the same courses previously offered by Blogging U. Feel free to take them again, but be aware that we will cover the same topics. New Blogging 201 courses focused on intermediate/advanced customization are coming later this year.

Have you just started blogging (welcome!), or are you looking to breathe new life into a blogging habit that’s fallen by the wayside? Blogging U. is a great way to get on track, with bite-size assignments, a supportive community, and staff to support you. We’re offering two courses in July — learn more:

Blogging 101: Zero to Hero — July 6 – 24

Blogging 101 is three weeks of bite-size blogging assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” Every weekday, you’ll get a new assignment to help you publish a post, customize your blog, or engage with the community.

You’ll walk away with a stronger focus for your blog, several published posts and…

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Know Your Worth

What’s Your Worth: Are you being the best version of yourself?


No, I am not talking about your net worth, bank balance or investments… I am talking about defining yourself solely based on the kind of person you are and the things you do, rather you like to do.

So have you ever wondered or you just gave it a quick thought and the response was a smile or a frown based on what constituted cluster of thoughts – a quick flash of your achievements, failures or a bunch of what-ifs! Well, whatever your response – all depends on how you define your worth!

The point is – this is not something new that has managed to grab everybody’s attention, rather this is something which was present since the time began whether it was a King trying to justify his worthiness to be able to hold onto the Throne or King’s key people proving their worth so as to be able to hold onto the eminent positions in the King’s Court.

Now a days, the competition is at its highest and so is the pressure to be nothing but the best. On daily basis – people are judged and perceived based on other people’s idea of worth of a person. This does not necessarily mean that we are exactly as people perceive or judge. There is a strong chance of a gap between what people see and what we are/do. Some examples –

  • At School – worth defined by Teachers, Peers, Marks/ result, Tuition;
  • At Home – worth defined by Parents, Siblings, Relatives;
  • At Office – worth defined by Salary, Feedback from Line managers, Peers/Colleagues;
  • At Social gatherings – worth defined by Friends, Relatives, Crowd as such….

Ideally, people’s version of you should not affect you to the extent that you make it a reality. Feedback might be useful, when it comes from reliable and trustworthy sources. Do make a note of it, and make sure you follow it up with those people. You might come across something which helps you to become better at various things, leading you to become a better person as a whole.

As Stephen Covey rightly puts, “Consider what you want to be said of you in the funeral experience, you will find your definition of success”. Once you have an idea of what exactly you would want to sound like, you can trace it back and figure what you would need in terms of skill, attitude and/or training to become that person. Jot it down somewhere for you to refer to it as often as you can/want. This will help you to absorb it, in mind and heart and then you are ready to take action on it. Start with the baby steps and you will become the person that fulfills all the criteria of being a worthy person, as defined by YOU!